About Us


We are dedicated to improving the lives of End Stage Renal Disease patients by inventing and providing unique accessories for Home Dialysis.


The Immobilé is the result of a discussion between “hockey dads” in the 1990’s. Dennis Tollini, a hat manufacturer in Buffalo N.Y., devised a unique tape and Velcro solution to the problem of safely securing Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters and Extension Sets. The product became the Immobilé and it is currently in use by thousands of patients throughout the world.

A few years later Dennis devised a more universal type of catheter securing device, which is now our Immoblé AC product. Designed as a “chevron”, the Immobile AC can be used to secure any catheter..

Our most recent product offering is the Immobilé FST, which has been specifically designed to help patients self-cannulate by providing a stable “sticky tape” platform for one-handed needle wing securement. The FST has particular value as a training aid to help patients transition from in-clinic dialysis to home dialysis and continues to be used for home dialysis providing patients with confidence for safe and secure self- cannulation

TNT Moborg continues to listen to patients and clinicians for new issues and problems and we are constantly working on solutions to address them.

TNTMoborg is also a member of a number of patient support organizations. We are dedicated to helping patients live their lives to the fullest.